Suwama Eve (Eve Suwama, 諏 訪 間 天 女) is Seiichi's childhood friend who transfers to his class in Volume 2.


Her hair is tied with two long, wavy pigtails, she is blonde with pink eyes. In her initial appearance, her She had green and pink highlights in her hair, her skin was tanned, and she wore heavy makeup, but later removes it.


Eve is shown to have a bold and somewhat bubbly personality. She is described as someone who can get along with everybody.

She's very clingy with Seiichi, even despite his clear animosity towards her. She is shown to enjoy messing with Seiichi, such as pranking him when they we're children, or blackmailing him into showing her around school. Despite this, she truly considers Seiichi her friend and values his opinion, changing her appearance after he told her that he doesn't like how she looks.


She and Seiichi were classmates in elementary school. Seiichi had a crush on Eve at a point, however the crush died when, Eve pulled a prank on Seiichi. She promised to meet him in the park one night bet never showed up, leading Seiichi to catch a cold waiting for her. The next day, she gave a half-hearted apology, but never really tried to move up with Seiichi. She moved away some point after that.